A Fireman in a Can

The original, best-selling StoveTop FireStop is a small automatic fire suppressor for traditional range hoods 27-35 inches above the cooking surface. It mounts under the range hood using an industrial-strength magnet.

StoveTop FireStop Rangehood Specifications

Manufacturer’s PN 675-3
Intended Use Small, residential stovetop frying pan fires (not deep-fat frying)
Activation Method Automatic, when flame reaches device
Powder Dispersal Method Gravity (non-pressurized)
Primary Suppression Agent Non-toxic dry powder
Type of Vent Hood Traditional vent hoods
Required Vertical Clearance 27-35″ between the burner and the bottom of the surface where the magnet will attach
Required Horizontal Distance From Back Wall Not applicable (center one device over each side of the stovetop, between front and rear burners)
Weight Canisters each weigh 12 oz. but contain 9 oz. of powder
Height 3.5″ (including magnet assembly)
Length 3.4″ (diameter)
Width 3.4″ (diameter)
Installation Method Industrial strength magnets (included) hold device to vent hood. Stainless steel fastening kit available upon request
Number of Devices Needed to Cover Four-Burner Stove Two (one pair)
Tests Performed Device and suppression agent tested by an independent Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)
Lifetime Replace after six years from date manufactured or upon activation
Download our StoveTop FireStop Rangehood information sheet here.

"From Pete DeLea's article in The Daily News-Record

As Shontasia Scott prepared pork chops in her Chestnut Ridge apartment, she stepped away from the stove for a few seconds. When she got back, the grease-filled pan was on fire.

She panicked, but within seconds a StoveTop FireStop installed in the stove's vent activated.  The flames were quickly extinguished, and the 17-year-old credits the device for saving her kitchen.

"It was a relief," she said. "They're really helpful."

During the last year, the Harrisonburg Fire Department has been installing the automatic fire suppressors in housing complexes near James Madison University that cater to college students.

The devices in the Chestnut Ridge apartments were installed by the property managers about five years ago, but this was the first time one had been put to the test at the complex.

Ginaly Vasquez, the property's community manager, said she's thankful the FireStop had been installed in the tenant's apartment.

"It's a life-saver," she said.

Capt. Arthur Miller of the Harrisonburg Fire Department said damage at the apartment was limited to $70 for cleanup costs. Had the device not been installed, Miller said, damage to the $300,000 building could have been much worse."

— Pete DeLea
Reporter - The Daily News-Record
Harrisonburg, PA

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