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For fifty years WilliamsRDM has been an example of ingenuity and can-do spirit.

We’ve proven you don’t have to be big, to do big things—even big things that might, to some, seem small. Among all of the innovative products we’ve developed and manufactured over the years, none makes us more proud than a deceptively simple, ingenious little product we invented and have manufactured since 1972 called StoveTop FireStop. After hearing the story of a child who was horribly burned in a kitchen grease fire, the inspiration came overnight and began as a napkin sketch. Today, more than a million StoveTop FireStop units wait, out of sight, over residential cooktops across North America, ready to spring into action should the need arise—a simple, affordable solution that now protects so many.

For more about WilliamsRDM, visit www.williamsrdm.com

*Our products are typically available via special order only, so please call your distributor for availablity.

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